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 A Pegasus Mare Named Nova

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PostSubject: A Pegasus Mare Named Nova   Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:11 pm

Name: Nova
Age: 5,000
Gender: Mare
Breed: Pegasus
Alliance: Neutral
Height: 16.6 hands
Personality: sweet, beautiful, loving, smart, she is lonely, she has no friends because they are all afraid of her, she is Purebred with great bloodlines, she loves to have friends, she is a little bit shy, she is flirty when it comes to Stallions, she has scars on her body, she loves to fight, she is more powerful then she looks, she is very strong, she nevers gives up on things, she is negative and posative about things, she is a great mother and herd leader like her Mate Stranger,
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A Pegasus Mare Named Nova
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