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 To All That Still Come...

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Shadow Heart


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PostSubject: To All That Still Come...   Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:25 pm

Okay, this site is dropping fast. Hardly anyone is ever on anymore, and if we want this site to be an active site, we need active players. I know I haven't asked Admin's (Lustrous) permission for this, but it seems I'm the only one posting lately. So if you still come to this site and you are active, please sign your name on this post, since we need an activity check badly Smile .
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PostSubject: Re: To All That Still Come...   Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:54 pm

I'm so sorry for not being active. I know that I have not been on this site for like a year now. I will be more active now, I promise. I've just been SO busy lately, it's not even funny. These are all of the reasons I haven't been active: School, Horse Riding, Personal Problems. I know it's not that many reasons. I regret deciding to not be active on my own site, I feel ashamed of myself, but I will start being more active now, I might even look for a new layout for my site!
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To All That Still Come...
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