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 The new guy's fae;;

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PostSubject: The new guy's fae;;   Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:40 pm

Sometimes I'm the kind of mare you wish you had,
Other times I'm the kind of mare you wish you had never met.
But I have eyes for one,
And he loves me for who I am.




She's chestnut in colouring, white star and snip.

Mane & Tail Color:
Light mixed with dark chestnut.


Fiery by colour, fiery by nature. The only person who can calm this tempramental mare is her beloved owner. She has been with him since he was 17, looked after by his friends while he was in and out of jail. Sweet and kind to him, dangerous and rather evil to others. She is good with other horses though. Humans is what she dislikes. If you approach her be warned. 4 years she has lived with Markus. 4 of the best years of her life. Born to a mare owned by a dealer, her beginning in life was a sad one. She was beaten and still has many scars to prove it. This is what provoked her dislike to humans. Markus had to work extremely hard to earn her trust. He had found her, on deaths door at an auction. Feeling an instant connection when they looked eachother in the eyes, Markus knew he must have her. Ever since the pair are an extreme team. Not ones to compete, but if they were to they would win hands down.

Riding Style:

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The new guy's fae;;
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