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 A Pegasus Mare & Foal

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PostSubject: A Pegasus Mare & Foal   Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:13 pm

Mother`s Name: Angel Hope (Hope)
Age: 10
Gender: Mare
Alliance: Light
Height: 15.5 hands
Personality: sweet, smart, loving to her Colt, she is beautiful and paitent, she has a soft voice, she is Purebred with great bloodlines, she is an awesome flyer, she is brave and powerful, she would sacrafice her life for her Colt if she had too,

Colt`s Name: Cloud`a Paradise (Cloud)
Age: 1 week old
Gender: Colt
Alliance: Light
Height: 10.0 hands
Personality: sweet, curious about things, shy, brave, clutsy sometimes, funny, loveable, he loves to play with his mother, he is playful, he loves to nip at his mother`s mane & tail,

Picture Of Them:
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A Pegasus Mare & Foal
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